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XYZさんのトコロのスレも新しくなったので、SRI んトコも。
これまで聞けたのは、コーラン、HOA音楽とID・メアドの繰り返し、演説と 5月11・19日にはHOA音楽をBGMにしたトークのみ。番組としての体裁は整っていません。

※5月29日に放送内容に変化が見られ、翌30日に Puntland TV の音声を中継していることがわかりました。英語のCMなども出ています(↓↓↓)。従来の 3ヶ国語のIDはもちろん、Puntland Radio のアナウンスは出ていません。


Dear XXX thanks for your listen PUNTLAND RADIO and we hope you



13800 kHz Puntland Radio
(all times in UTC)

17 May (Sun)
No sound - Carrier only at 1430z
c/off around 1500z.
c/off around 1600z.

18 May (Mon)
No signal at 1345z.

19 May (Tue)

20 May (Wed)
s/off before 1300z

21 May (Thu)
No signal in Japan
Weak carrier at 1100z in Europe.

22 May (Fri)
No signal

23 May (Sat)
No signal

24 May (Sun)
No signal

25 May (Mon)
No signal

26 May (Tue)
UnID-Qur'an @ 0930z in Europe
covered by RFA during 1000z to 1057z.
+1200z-1232z maybe s/off

27 May (Wed)
+1230z- s/off around 1320z.
Japanese DXer Mr.Nono reported that its program included talk program.

28 May (Thu)
Weak carrier @ 1100z in Europe
c/off around 1215z

29 May (Fri)
UnID-talk program @ 0945z in Europe
Quran was only about 11 minutes.
Mainly talks.

eTAWAKAL's Commercial at 1350z.

eTAWAKAL's Commercial at 1458z on 30 May via Puntland TV

30 May (Sat)
No signal in Europe @ 0930z
Weak carrier in Europe @ 1100z

-1400z-1530z+ blocked out by HCJB on c/c
s/off before 1630z
According to Japanese DXer Mr.XYZ and Mr.NAKANAKA, relay Puntland TV's sound.

13800kHz Puntland RadioがPuntland TVを中継

31 May (Sun)
+0900z- in Europe
s/off around 1110z

s/on around 1315z again // PLTV
s/off @ 1442z

1 Jun (Mon)
No signal @ 0930z and 1100z in Europe
c/on @ 1315z, No sound or poor modulation in Japan, s/off around 1735z
PLTV was broadcast the special program of two years anniversary of Puntland TV/Radio.

[極秘]PL Radio補完計画・第3次中間報告、とか

2 Jun (Tue)
Qur'an @ 0830z in Europe, not // PLTV (Dan Ka Hadal->Warka Dunida)
ID in Italian, English and Somali @ 0902z and 0943z, talk @ 0911z, Qur'an @ 0944z.
+1058z-1133z* in Japan, Qur'an, not // PLTV

3 Jun (Wed)
+1210z-1233z* s/off - Qur'an
Japanese DXer Mr.Nono reported.
No signal @ 1330z

4 Jun (Thu)
-0800z- weak signal in Europe, talk, not // PLTV
s/off or f/out around 0945z
+1100z- weak carrier in Europe
+1215z-1710z* no sound (or poor modulation) in Japan

5 Jun (Fri)
s/on around 0835z, weak signal, checked in Europe, s/off @ 0842z, no ID
*0848z- // PLTV (-0857z)
Qur'an @ 0857z, not // PLTV
Qur'an was finished @ 0944z, It seems that did not go back to the relay of PLTV. (not confirmed)
blocked by RFA & CNR1 @ 0959z.
+1059z-1145z* in Japan, weak signal, talk & music, not // PLTV

** PUNTLAND. 13800, June 5 at 1305, not even a carrier detectable from Puntland Radio --- has anyone heard it in June? No reports I can find. On May 31, S. Hasegawa told the DXLD yg, ``Puntland Radio on 13800 kHz has confirmed several Japanese DXer that the carrying the audio of Puntranndo TV at 1400 UT on May 29 and 30. including English advertising. Live streaming S. Hasegawa``. Also possibly bearing on this is a story via José Miguel Romero2, June 1, but which does not mention name of station concerned:
(Glenn Hauser logs June 5, 2015 / DXLDyg)

6 Jun (Sat)
No signal

7 Jun (Sun)
-0935z- in Europe, conversations, ID @ 0958z in English and maybe somali, not // PLTV
blocked by RFA and CNR1 @ 1000z.

13800kHz USB Jun 07 0956z-1000z, it was recorded via UT's WebSDR.
No signal after 1100z.

8 Jun (Mon)
-0745z-0959z+ in Europe // PLTV
blocked by RFA (*1000z-) and CNR1 (*0959z-)
+1100z- weak signal in Europe, weak carrier in Japan
s/off around 1207z
It seems that they have some trouble of sound.


リアルタイム情報は→ 13800kHz Puntland Radio, Somalia (Now On The Radio)か、13800kHz Puntland Radio がTV番組を中継しているのか確認するスレ (Now On The Radio) にて。

13800kHz Puntland Radio のこの一週間とちょっと (4月27日〜5月18日)
Puntland Radio 本放送突入か?
13800kHz Puntland Radio


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