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Please provide your sounds for our North American Expanded Bandscan,
and Please write in the comment field below, if there are any mistakes.
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Call Sign (City, State, Country) Daytime/Nighttime, language, format, slogan & blanding
Call Sign History, etc.
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1660 kHz
KQWB (West Fargo, ND) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports, "Fox Sports"
*On July 23, 2015, at 9 PM, after playing "All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)" by Hank Williams, Jr., KQWB flipped back to sports, this time affiliating with Fox Sports Radio.
2720 7th Ave, South Fargo, ND 58103-8710

Please provide your sounds for us!

1660 kHz
KRZI (Waco, TX) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports, "ESPN Central Texas"
5501 Bagby Ave, Waco, TX 76711

"KRZI Waco, K2-56BW Waco, KTON Cameron, K2-65DV Temple, ESPN Central Texas" (as of Sept 2015)

KRZI (1660 kHz), 17 Sept 2015, 1200z @ Live streaming

1660 kHz KRZI, 26 Sept 2015, 0559z @ New Orleans, LA (Thanks kpc!)

1660 kHz
KTIQ (Merced, CA) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish Religious, "Radio Bendicion"
// K289CB (Los Banos, 105.7FM), KEXA (King City-Salinas, 93.9FM)
P.O. Box 1803, Ceres, CA 95307

"KTIQ, Marced, 16-60AM, K2-89CB, Los Banos, 1-0-5.7FM, KEXA, King City-Salinas, 93.9FM" (as of Oct 2015)

KTIQ (1660 kHz), 10 Sept 2015, 1500z @ Live streaming

1660 kHz
KWOD (Kansas City, KS) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (Fox/CBS), "The Score"
*On September 9, 2015, KWOD flipped to sports talk, branded as "1660 The Score.". KWOD airs Fox Sports Radio during the day and CBS Sports Radio at night.
47000 Squibb Rd, Mission KS 66202-3233

Please provide your sounds for us!


1660 kHz
KXOL (Brigham City, UT), 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Mexican Regional, "La Raza"
Call Sign History: KXOL (1998/04/17), DKXOL (2015/08/17)
*FCC Deletes KXOL Salt Lake City (2015/08/17)
5777 South 3550 West, Roy, UT 84067

"This is KEGH 1-0-7.1FM Woodruff, KMRI 15-50AM West Valley City, KXOL 16-60AM Brigham City, La Raza" (as of Oct 2015)

KXOL (1660 kHz), 10 Sept 2015, 1800z @ Live streaming

1660 kHz KXOL, 18 Sept 2015, 0400z @ Las Vegas, NV (Thanks WB6EGR!)

1660 kHz
WBCN (Charlotte, NC) 10kW/1kW, English, Conservative Talk, "America's Pulse 16-60"
*On September 8, 2015 WBCN changed their format from CBS Sports Radio to conservative talk, branded as "America's Pulse 1660"
1520 South Blvd. Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28203

* FOX News
"You're listening to America's Pulse on 16-60, WBCN, WKQC-HD3, Charlotte" (as of Oct 2015)

WBCN (1660 kHz), 22 Sept 2015, 1400z @ Live streaming

1660 kHz
WCNZ (Marco Island, FL) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish Tropical, "Ardiente 16-60" & "El Calor Musícal"
5043 E. Tamiami Trail Naples, FL 34113

"WCNZ Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers, 16-60" (as of Sept 2015)

WCNZ (1660 kHz), 24 Sept 2015, 1200z @ Live streaming

1660 kHz
WGIT (Canóvanas, PR) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Religious, "Faro de Santidad"
P.0. Box 7, Moca, PR 00676-0007

Please listen and teach us the full ID.
"WGIT 16-60AM, WEKO 15-80AM, Faro de Santidad. Uniendo la Familia Cristiana a traves de la radio y la internet Connectate ..." (as of Sept 2015)

WGIT (1660 kHz), 22 Sept 2015, 1301z @ Live streaming

"WGIT 16-60AM area este y metro, WEKO 15-80AM area norte y centro, (Faro )de Santidad" (as of Sept 2015)

1660 kHz WGIT, 22 Sept 2015, 0500z @ Vero Beach, FL (Thanks RickW!)

1660 kHz
WQLR (Kalamazoo, MI) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (FOX), "(Kalamazoo's) 16-60 The Fan"
4200 W. Main St.,Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Please listen and teach us the full ID.
"16-60 The Fan, WQLR Kalamazoo ... (and more in) downtown Kalamazoo" (as of Sept 2015)

1660 kHz WQLR 25 Sept 2015, 0959z @ New Orleans, LA (Thanks kpc!)

1660 kHz
WWRU (Jersey City, NC) 10kW/10kW, Korean, Korean's, "K-Radio"
9 Caldwell Place, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

"WWRU Jersey City, New York. 16-60AM WWRU" (as of Sept 2015)

1660 kHz WWRU 23 Sept 2015, 0359z @ New York CIty, NY (Thanks nycradio!) *WNYZ-LP 87.7 MHz not // 1660 kHz

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