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9月16日付で Somalia: Puntland state silence radio stations なるニュースが飛び交うなか、Puntland Radio は1ヶ月のお休みを経て、9月22日に久しぶりに受信できました。以降、9月中に Puntland Radio が確認できたのは29日だけでした。

Puntland state silence radio stations BY · SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

In a communique the Ministry of information of the semiautonomous state of Puntland has on Wednesday banned the listening of all the radio stations of the other states in Somalia including radio Mogadishu which is controlled by the central government of Somali.

The Ministry has shared the communique with the Union of Puntland journalists, the entire local radio local stations, the police, the entire regional governors, the judiciary and lastly but not the least the president Abdiweli Gaas.

In Puntland the population listen to other radios both national and international, but it’s not quite manifest why it has banned these other radio stations.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein

Garowe Online は9月27日付で

Somalia: Puntland Govt orders FM stations not to broadcast Radio Mogadishu / Sep 17, 2015

GAROWE, Somalia, September 17, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Government in northern Somalia has banned FM stations from broadcasting state-run, Radio Mogadishu programmes as media censorship continues to grow rife, Garowe Online reports.

In a decree issued by Puntland Information Minister Mohamud Hassan So’adde, the government has ordered private broadcasters not to rebroadcast Somali National Radio that airs programmes daily from volatile Mogadishu.

Puntland alleged that Radio Mogadishu is a malice and threat to regional stability and peaceful communities.

Having encompassed directives, the decree asked security agencies to ensure implementation of the order.

Any station that defies the ban will face revocation of accreditation and licenses, the Information Minister threatened.

と伝えています。いずれにせよ、プントランド政府が所有する Puntland Radio には関係ないことのようです。
設立当初からの賃金不払いから生じた揉め事はまだ鎮火に至っていないようですし、その渦中には Radio Programmes Head なる肩書も見られます。いずれにせよ、金銭的な問題も毎日出てこない大きな理由のひとつだと推測されます。コマーシャル契約も短期のものが多く、ここ2ヶ月ほどは入れ替わりが多いようです。
また、短時間のみ Puntland TV の中継を中止して、音楽を流すといったパターンも出てきましたが、こちらの理由は推測すらできません。番組として体裁の整ったものは依然としてラジオでは出ていません。

Puntland Radio のアンテナとのこと

Radio Puntland oo hawada la galiyay iyo madaxwayne Farole oo xariga ka jaray (Daawo Sawirro)

13800 kHz Puntland Radio
(all times in UTC)
I am mainly checking via Remote Tuner in Europe & WebSDR in the Netherlands.
In Japan, the signal on this band will be extremely weak in this season.
It is difficult to understand its program details in a lot of cases.
I would like to thank everyone for your support.

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これまでは 1500z 初出のニュースが、翌日の 0700z, 0900z, 1100z に単に繰り返されていました。13日の 0700z に出たのは12日の 1500z に出た 30分間のものでしたが、0900z, 1100z には再編集されて54分にしたものが出ていました。youtube にアップされた12日付のニュースは 0900z, 1100z に放送された54分のものです。

1 Oct (Thu)
No signal

2 Oct (Fri)
No signal

3 Oct (Sat)
No signal

4 Oct (Sun)
No signal

5 Oct (Mon)
No signal

6 Oct (Tue)
"" is unavailable.
No signal

7 Oct (Wed)
No signal

8 Oct (Thu)
-0820z-1120z- no check before 0820z, no signal @ 1300z

9 Oct (Fri)
No signal

10 Oct (Sat)
No signal

11 Oct (Sun)
-0740z-1521z*, PLTV relay, Warka Dunida @ 1502z
extremely weak signal in Japan

12 Oct (Mon)
-0915z-1830z-, s/on after 0850z, PLTV relay, Warka Dunida @ 1500z (30 mins), s/off until 1930z
Puntland Radio's music program from 1131z to 1224z, Fixed ID in Italian, English & Somali @ 1148z & 1211z. Advertising of Puntland Radio (have heard previously) @ 1203z
weak signal in Japan

13800U kHz Puntland Radio, 12 Oct 2015, 1211z @ Rimini, Italy (Thanks IZ4AFJ!)

13800U kHz Puntland Radio, 12 Oct 2015, 1203z @ Rimini, Italy (Thanks IZ4AFJ!)

Barnaamijka waxbarashada sare iyo cilmi baarista soomaaliya Dr Hiirad Finland 05 10 2015 wariye Faa @ 1530z

13 Oct (Tue)
-0535z-1621z*, could be already heard under Radio Dabanga on c/c @ 0535z in Europe, PLTV relay @ 0559z
+1130z-, extremely weak in Japan
Puntland Radio's Fixed ID in English @ 0556z, not relay of PLTV until 0559z
Warka Dunida @ 0701z (30 mins), 0903z (54 mins), 1110z (54 mins) & 1502z (17 mins)
Puntland Radio's music program from 0807z (or 0812z) until 0838z, Fixed ID in Italian, English & Somali @ 0826z
blocked by CNR1 & RFA from 0959z to 1100z

Fixed ID in English as "You're listening to Puntland Radio, broadcasting on 49 meter band on the frequency 6-1-6-0 kHz and 22 meter band on the frequency 1-3-8-0-0 kHz. You may contact us by email on"

13800U kHz Puntland Radio, 13 Oct 2015, 0826z @ Grenoble, France (Thanks linkz!)

14 Oct (Wed)
-0725z-1544z*, s/on after 0625z, PLTV relay, Warka Dunida @ 1459z (10 mins)

15 Oct (Thu)
No signal

16 Oct (Fri)
official homepage "" closed
No signal

17 Oct (Sat)
+1059z-1458z*, f/in @ 1059z under CNR1(-1100z*) when RFA ended, s/on after 0910z, PLTV relay, Warka Dunida until 1134z
+1220z-, in Japan
It seems that advertising is decreasing.

18 Oct (Sun)
No signal

19 Oct (Mon)
-0800z-0807z*, s/on after 0730z
It seems that they had a problem of modulation.
*0830z-1000z+, +1100z-1245z-, not PLTV relay, began a relay of PLTV before 0906z, Warka Dunida @ 0906z (31 mins), s/off during 1255z from 1245z
could not be monitored via France from 0851z until 0906z, weak signal in the Netherlands
+1130z-, in Japan

The announcement in Somali including "Radio Puntland".

13800U kHz Puntland Radio, 19 Oct 2015, 0844z @ Grenoble, France (Thanks linkz!)

20 Oct (Tue)
-0625z-0710z*, s/on after 0600z, PLTV relay, Warka Dunida @ 0656z
*0715z-0716z*, unknown carrier, no sound
*1116z-1117z*, unknown carrier, no sound
*1119z-1128z*, unknown carrier, no sound
*1147z-1148z*, unknown carrier, no sound
I have been often receiving the carrier for a short period on this frequency, but it is not known whether the signal of Puntland Radio.

21 Oct (Wed)
No signal

22 Oct (Thu)
No signal

23 Oct (Fri)
No signal

24 Oct (Sat)
No signal

25 Oct (Sun)
No signal
Radio Dabanga (-0557z) move to 7315 & 15550 kHz
Radio Free Asia (Tibetan, 1000-1100z) move from 13800 kHz
extremely weak signal f/in or s/on @ 0619z, Radio Sultanate of Oman is listed on B15 (0400z-1000z), s/off until 0740z
Radio Tamazuj / Radio Dabanga @ 1500z

26 Oct (Mon)
*0728z-0732z*, not confirmed

27 Oct (Tue)
No signal

28 Oct (Wed)
No signal

29 Oct (Thu)
No signal

30 Oct (Fri)
No signal

31 Oct (Sat)
+0631z-0700z-, unknown weak carrier, no sound, s/off until 0730z

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