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zoom RSS 今週末のVOA Radiogram 138ではテキストと画像の同時送信をテスト

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今週末の VOA Radiogram ではテキストと画像の同時送信テストが行われるとのこと。
テキストはセンター周波数 1500 Hz の MFSK32 モード。画像はセンター周波数 2200 Hz の MFSK32 モードで、複数のFldigi を立ち上げるか、Fldigi と MultiPSK を同時に立ち上げることでデコードを試みて欲しいとしている。
VOA Radiogram の受信状態の良くない SRI んちではこれまでも Fldigi を複数立ち上げて、それぞれ LSB モード・USB モードとしてデコードを試みていたが、SRI のところの古い Windows7 マシンではなんら問題は起きていない。使用している Fldigi のバージョンは3.23.04。どうやら最新バージョンの様子。LSB モードでは画像窓が開かなくても、USB モードでは画像枠が開くことがあったりするから、というのが試していた理由
テキストと画像を同時送信する同様の方法はすでに STF Radio International でも試みられている。

ここのところ、SRI んちで信号が確認できるのは土曜日1830 からと、月曜日 0430 からの放送のみ。月曜日の 15MHz台の信号は弱く、デコードできるレベルにはなってくれない(SRI んち比)
14日から変更された土曜日1830 からの 5865 kHzの状態は不明。

This weekend’s VOA Radiogram will include some experiments.

Simultaneous text and image. One experiment will be the simultaneous transmission of text and an image. The text of the VOA News story about men overeating will be transmitted in MFSK32 at the usual center audio frequency of 1500 Hz. The MFSK32 image accompanying this story will be transmitted simultaneously at a center audio frequency of 2200 Hz. You will need two instances of Fldigi; that is, start Fldigi once, then start it again. If you cannot run two instances of Fldigi (some operating systems don’t allow it), you can decode the image at 2200 Hz later from a recording. (You could also run Fldigi and MultiPSK simultaneously.)

At 15 seconds after the text begins, a tuning signal will help you find the exact center frequency near 2200 Hz. The image itself will start 20 seconds after the tone begins.


I had to reduce the audio level of both the text and image by 3 dB so that the combined audio of the text and image would not overload the transmitter and your receiver. This simultaneous transmission will be followed by the image only, at 1500 Hz, and at full audio level.

QR codes. The broadcast will include two QR codes. They look like this …


You scan the QR code, usually with your mobile device, to obtain information.

The first QR code will follow the VOA News Story about Middle East hackers. It will provide the link to the full text of the story. The second QR code will be at the end of the show, with the VOA Radiogram transmission schedule.

I don’t know much about QR codes, so your advice would be appreciated. Are the transmitted QR codes too big? Unnecessarily big? How small can I make them? (The smaller they are, the less time required to transmit them.)

Here is the lineup for VOA Radiogram, program 138, 21-22November 2015, all in MFSK32 except where noted:

1:32 Program preview
2:44 Earth-like exoplanet may not be habitable*
7:29 New tool to search for extraterrestrial life*
11:13 Analysts warn of Middle East hackers*
20:43 Men overeat to show off to women (simultaneous image)*
23:45 Closing announcements*
28:41 Olivia 64-2000: Transmission schedule

* with image

Please send reception reports to .

VOA Radiogram transmission schedule
(all days and times JST):
Sat 1830-1900 5865 kHz
Sun 0100-0130 17580 kHz
Sun 1130-1200 5745 kHz
Mon 0430-0500 15670 kHz
All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in North Carolina.


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