NBC and the Challenge of Pirate Broadcasters

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Nigeria: NBC and the Challenge of Pirate Broadcasters (22 JULY 2015)

Last week, the federal government asked the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to work with security agencies and shut down operations of a pirate Biafran Radio that beams broadcast signals in South-East part of the country. Speaking with newsmen, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Dr Shade Yemi-Esan said, "I have got report that right now signal from the station has been jammed by the NBC".

She added that the commission was working with security operatives to get those behind the radio, "because it is an illegal radio, and not licensed by anybody to be on the airwaves in Nigeria".

Hours after her briefing, operators of the radio station pooh-poohed the statement, just as listeners in the South-East claimed that the station had not gone off air. Days later, NBC's Director General, Mr Emeka Mba, said the commission had stopped the transmission of signals of 'radio Biafra'. Mr Mba also said the station's operators had been arrested.

"Working with security operatives, the commission has also tracked down, neutralized and confiscated transmitter equipment from several locations in the region. Some suspects involved in the illicit broadcasts have also been arrested and taken to Abuja for questioning and prosecution. The commission also worked with other agencies to remove the transmissions of the illegal station from the satellite, and this has put paid to the divisive and disruptive transmissions," he said.



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