International Radio Serbia 7月31日を待たずに短波放送を終了か

1ヶ月延命され、7月31日に閉局と伝えられていた International Radio Serbia (Radio Serbia International) はその期限を待つことなく、日本時間 7月23日の放送をもって短波放送を終了した模様。SRI が気づいたのは 7月25日だけれども、Ivo 氏はUTC で24日(日本時間 25日)をもって停波 2日めだとしている。

For the second day on July 24 no signal from International Radio Serbia (Bulgarian DX blog)

ホームページの Audio News は更新されているものの、25日には冒頭にアナウンスされていた 6100 kHzの周波数アナウンスは 27日の番組では出ていない。

ホームページでは同局の歴史 "The History of the Radio" が掲載されているが、7月末をもって組織の解体とも伝えられているので、リンクではなくコピペでここに保存することにする。

The History of the Radio

International Radio Serbia is the only short-wave radio station in the country broadcasting its program to all parts of the world, in twelve languages – in Serbian for our Diaspora, as well as in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, and Chinese.


International Radio Serbia daily broadcasts programs on short wave and 24 hours a day via satellite in Serbian and in 11 foreign languages. In Serbian, for our Diaspora, besides news programs, at 12.00, 3.30pm and 9.30pm, there are also programs on all the important events in the country, in our cultural heritage, tradition and customs, tourism and ecology, current events in the area of culture and sports, events in the Diaspora, activities that relate to Serbia and other topics which are dictated by the times and people, and especially those suggested by our listeners throughout the world.

In foreign languages, all these programs are broadcast in half hour shows, collage in nature, which have two slots and are also rerun.

Programs of International Radio Serbia can be heard at which has been in existence for fourteen years, and in November 2007 a new one was made with the use of the most advanced programs. The new website, which is very easy to use, modern and informative, has already garnered compliments of users, as well as that of experts. One can read and hear information from all areas, politics, economy, culture, traditions, to sport. Thus, on a daily basis, listeners and visitors of the website of International Radio Serbia, through the Internet, receive news from Serbia, the region and the world, in twelve languages, on over two and a half thousand pages. News and other information of the website of International Radio Serbia is reported and quoted by many local and foreign websites, and many have a direct link with the website of International Radio Serbia.

In following the latest trends and in attempt to meet the requests of its listeners and website visitors, the VIDEO NEWS were introduced in November 2008 in the Serbian language, while starting in November 2010, they can also be found in all 11 foreign languages we offer. The video production of the International Radio Serbia has been expanded with the features of SERBIAN BEAUTIES and MUSIC HERITAGE. Also introduced are the package entitled ONE STEP CLOSER TO BUSINESS, and the web page of the same title, where in one place one can find the answers to the question “why invest in Serbia”.

International Radio Serbia is one of the oldest short wave radio stations, and was founded six years before the Voice of America. The broadcasting of the program for foreign countries from this region started on March 8, 1936, in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In conditions of constant financial strains it has not been easy to carry out our tasks in the previous years. Outdated and worn technical equipment, lack of funds for renewal, and lack of understanding for the importance of informing the foreign public and Diaspora by short wave, have considerably slowed down the realization of the development plan of International Radio Serbia. With considerable efforts during 2007, we have renewed our strong transmitters in the short wave center in Bijeljina, and have begun broadcasting program over satellite and have created a new Internet presentation. Owing to this, International Radio Serbia once again can return to its old slogan IF YOU CANNOT HEAR US, THEN THAT MUST BE END OF THE WORLD, which was familiar for many years to many listeners throughout the world.

Over the past years International Radio Serbia has received thousands of letters from listeners of the Diaspora and the entire world, and they still keep coming. They contain praise, suggestions and questions, usually with the statement that it is from International Radio Serbia that they receive the most complete information on events in this area, as well as answers to many questions. Most questions usually come from our Diaspora, and they are most interested in new legal regulations in various areas, conditions for capital investment in Serbia, suggestions for holiday destinations, participation in important humanitarian activities and questions in the area of tradition and customs. We have good relations with them, as they provide feedback on our program, ideas for its realization, as well as encouragement to continue to send information from Serbia, as letters from listeners are a confirmation of the necessity of the existence of International Radio Serbia.

Contact addresses of International Radio Serbia

- Hilandarska 2, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

- Tel: + 381113244455

- E-mail adress: This address is protected from robots. You need Java Script to view it.

International Radio Serbia は最古の短波ラジオ局の一つであり、Voice of America の6年前に設立。ユーゴスラビア王国からの外国語放送は、1936年3月8日に開始された。



International Radio Serbiaは7月31日で閉局
Radio Serbia International shuts down on July 1!






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2015年07月28日 15:21
International Radio Serbia から 通知が ありました。

Government closing International Radio Serbia!

Radio Serbia-Radio Yugoslavia-ceases to exist on 31 July 2015 Thus our fruitful cooperation with you and our tradition of continously informing the diaspora and the public worldwide of the current events,
business and cultural capacities beautiful landmarks culture and tradition of Serbia and former Yugoslavia in 12 languages via short waves the Internet and the satellite will be terminated. ThanK you for having listened to us and for having trusted us for more than 79 years.
Saitama Radioholic Intl.
2015年07月28日 18:00