Index - North American Expanded Bandscan

This is a summary listing of the radio stations currently operating in North & Central America & Caribbean on the extended medium wave broadcast band currently operating.

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This page was last modified: 19 Nov, 2015

*There are exclude LPAM stations operating under Part 15 of the FCC rules & low-power broadcasting of regional like Public Safety Information's Radio & NOAA Weather Radio on the following list as of Sept. 2015.

*1610 kHz

Caribbean Beacon (The Valley, Anguilla) 50kW, English, Religious, "The University Network"

CHHA (Toronto, ON, Canada) 6.25kW/6.25kW, multilingual, Multi Cultural, "Voces Latinas"

CHRN (Montreal, QC, Canada) 1kW/1kW, multilingual, South Asian, "Radio Humsafar"

XEUACH (Mexico City, Mexico) 5kW/5kW, Spanish, Multi Cultural, "Radio Chapingo"

*1620 kHz

KOZN (Omaha, NE) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (FOX/NBC), "16-20 The Zone"

KSMH (Sacramento, CA) 10kW/1kW, English, Religious, "Immaculate Heart Radio (IHRadio)"

KYIZ (Seattle, WA) 10kW/1kW, English, Urban Contemporary, "The Z Twins"

WDHP (Frederiksted, VI) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk/Gospel/Country, "The Reef"

WDND (South Bend, IA) 10kW/1kW, English, Contemporary Hits, "U93"

WNRP (Gulf Breeze, FL) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk, "NewsRadio 16-20"

WTAW (College Station, TX) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk, "NewsTalk 16-20"

Radio Rebelde (Guanabacoa, Cuba) 5kW, Spanish

Radio Rebelde (Guantánamo, Cuba) 1kW, Spanish

HISR/Radio Taina (San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic) 1kW, Spanish

*1630 kHz

KCJJ (Iowa City, IA) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk/Hot AC, "The Mighty 16-30"

KKGM (Fort Worth, TX) 10kW/1kW, English, Southern Gospel Music, "his truth, our hope"

KRND (Cheyenne, WY) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Regional Mexican, "La Jota Mexicana"

WRDW (Augusta, GA) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk/Sports, "News Talk Sports 16-30"

XEUT (Tijuana, BN, Mexico) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Cultural, "UABC Radio, Para tus oídos"

*1640 kHz

KBJA (Sandy, UT) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish News/Talk/Music , "Super 16-40" & "La Diferencia"

KDIA (Vallejo, CA) 10kW/10kW, English, Christian Talk, "The Light for San Francisco"

KDZR (Lake Oswego, OR) 10kW/1kW, English, Children's Radio, "Radio Disney"

KZLS (Enid, OK) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk, "The Eagle"

WSJP (Sussex, WI) 10kW/1kW, English, Religious, "Relevant Radio"

WTNI (Biloxi, MI) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (ESPN), "The Champ"

Radio Juventus Don Bosco (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) 1kW, Spanish, Religious, “Una voz para la Civilización del Amor”

*1650 kHz

KBJD (Denver, CO) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish Christian, "Radio Luz"

KCNZ (Cedar Falls, IA) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (CBS/FOX), "The Fan" & "The Cedar Valley's Sports Station"

KFOX (Torrance, CA) 10kW/0.49kW, Korean, "Radio Seoul"

KSVE (El Paso, TX) 8.5kW/0.85kW, Spanish, Spanish Sports, "ESPN Deportes Radio"

KFSW (Fort Smith, AR) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk/Sports, "Arklahoma's Talk Radio"
*On October 2, 2015, the call sign changed to KFSW from KYHN.

WHKT (Portsmouth, VA) 10kW/1kW, English, News/Talk, "The Answer"

CINA (Mississauga, ON, Canada) 5kW/0.68kW, multilingual, South Asian, "Alltime Bollywood Hits, All the Time"

CJRS (Montreal, QC, Canada) 1kW/1kW, English/French, Israeli, "Radio Shalom"

XEARZ (Mexico City, Mexico) 5kW/5kW, Spanish, News/Talk, "Radiofónico Zer"

*1660 kHz

KQWB (West Fargo, ND) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports, "Fox Sports"

KRZI (Waco, TX) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports, "ESPN Central Texas"

KTIQ (Merced, CA) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish Religious, "Radio Bendicion"

KWOD (Kansas City, KS) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (Fox/CBS), "The Score"

KXOL (Brigham City, UT), 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Mexican Regional, "La Raza"

WBCN (Charlotte, NC) 10kW/1kW, English, Conservative Talk, "America's Pulse 16-60"

WCNZ (Marco Island, FL) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish Tropical, "Ardiente 16-60" & "El Calor Musícal"

WGIT (Canóvanas, PR) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Religious, "Faro de Santidad"

WQLR (Kalamazoo, MI) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (FOX), "(Kalamazoo's) 16-60 The Fan"

WWRU (Jersey City, NC) 10kW/10kW, Korean, Korean's, "K-Radio"

*1670 kHz

KHPY (Moreno Valley, CA) 10kW/9kW, Spanish, Spanish Religious, "Radio Catolica"

KNRO (Redding, CA) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports, "Fox Sports Radio 16-70"

WPLA (Dry Branch, GA) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports, "Fox Sports 16-70"

WOZN (Madison, WI) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports (CBS), "The Zone"
*On September 22, 2015, the call sign was changed back to WOZN from WUSW.

CJEU (Gatineau, QC, Canada) 1kW/1kW, French, Children's, "Radio Jeunesse"

XEANAH (Huixquilucan, MICH, Mexico) 1kW/1kW, Spanish, University Radio, "Radio Anáhuac" & "Amplia tus sentidos"

La Voz del Yuna (Bonao, Monseñor Nouel, Domican Republic) 3kW, Spanish, Culture & Music

*1680 kHz

KGED (Fresno, CA) 10kW/1kW, English, Talk, "AM 16-80 The Answer"

KNTS (Seattle, WA) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Spanish Religious, "Radio Luz"

KRJO (Monroe, LA) 10kW/1kW, English, Classic Hits, "Classic Hits" & "LA105"

WOKB (Winter Garden, FL) 10kW/1kW, English, Religious, "Gospel 16-80" & "Your Urban Empowerment Station"

WPRR (Ada, MI) 10kW/0.68kW, English, Talk, "Public Reality Radio"

WTTM (Lindenwold, NJ) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, World Ethnic, "La Unika, Unicamente Tuya!">

HISV/Radio Senda (San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic) -kW, Spanish, Religious, "La Emisora de la Unidad Cristiana"

*1690 kHz

KDDZ (Arvada, CO) 10kW/1kW, English, Children's Radio, "Radio Disney"

KFSG (Roseville, CA) 10kW/1kW, multilingual, Ethnic Brokered Multicultural

WIGT (Charlotte Amaile, VI) 0.92kW/0.92kW

WMLB (Avondale Estates, GA) 10kW/1kW, English, Variety, "The Voice of The Arts"

WPTX (Lexington Park, MD) 10kW/1kW, English, Talk, "Southern Maryland's NewsTalk station"

WVON (Berwyn, IL) 10kW/1kW, English, Urban Contemporary/Talk, "The Talk of Chicago"

CHTO (Tronto, ON, Canada) 6kW/1kW, multilingual, multicultural, "Tronto Multicaltural Radio"

CJLO (Montreal, QC, Canada) 1kW/1kW, English, Variety

*1700 kHz

KBGG (Des Moines, IA) 10kW/1kW, English, Sports(CBS)/News/Talk, "1700 The Champ" "News-Talk-Sports 1700"
*On October 12, 2015, It added News-Talk program. 0000-1200CT: News/Talk, 1200-0000CT: CBS Sports Radio

KKLF (Richardson, TX) 10kW/1kW, Spanish, Tejano music, "Super Estelar 1700"

KVNS (Brownsville, TX) 8.8kW/0.88kW, English, Sports Talk, "Fox Sports 1700"

WEUP (Huntsville, AL) 10kW/1kW, English, Gospel, "The People's Staion" & "Huntsville's Heritage Station"

WJCC (Miami Springs, FL) 10kW/1kW, multilingual, World Ethnic, "Radio Mega"

WRCR (Ramapo, NY) 10kW/1kW, English, Adult Contemporary, "Radio Unscripted!"

XEPE (Tecate, BN) 10kW, English, Sports, "ESPN Radio 1700"

XEFCSM (Mérida, YUC, Mexico) 50kW/1kW, Spanish, Religious, "Radio María"

-/Radio Eternidad (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) -kW, Spanish, Religious

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1620 kHz
WDHP (Frederiksted, VI)
WDND (South Bend, IA)
HISR/Radio Taina (San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic)

1640 kHz
KDZR (Lake Oswego, OR)
WSJP (Sussex, WI)
Radio Juventus Don Bosco (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

1650 kHz
KBJD (Denver, CO)
KSVE (El Paso, TX)

1660 kHz
KQWB (West Fargo, ND)
KWOD (Kansas City, KS)
WGIT (Canóvanas, PR)

1680 kHz
KNTS (Seattle, WA) Thanks oregon-dave!!!
HISV/Radio Senda (San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic)

1690 kHz
WIGT (Charlotte Amaile, VI)
WPTX (Lexington Park, MD) Thanks Yar!!!

1700 kHz
KKLF (Richardson, TX)
-/Radio Eternidad (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)






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