1310kHz KMKY changed to Radio Punjab in mid-Oct

1310 kHz KMKY (Oakland, CA) changed from Radio Disney to Radio Punjab in mid-October, 2015
October 26, 2015 | Saitama Radioholic Intl.

Wikipedia, KMKY (AM) told.

"On June 24, 2015, RD San Francisco Assets filed an application to sell KMKY to Radio Mirchi. Was sold for $600.000. The sale was completed on October 8, 2015. It went silent on October 13, 2015."

Read More at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KMKY_(AM)

Although, we can hear "Radio Punjab" on 1310 kHz at Kern County, CA. It relays Radio Punjab network that is broadcasting the same one of KPRU, Rocklin-Sacramento.

As of October 26, 2015, Its legal ID at top of the hour is not include their call sign and frequency as only "You're listening to Radio Punjab, AM". We can be heard KPRU's legal ID as "You're listening to Radio Punjab, AM12-10, KPRU, Rocklin-Sacramento".

1310 kHz Radio Punjab, 26 Oct 2015, 1200z @ Ridgecrest, CA (Thanks Token!)

1210 kHz KRPU, 26 Oct 2015, 0359z @ Ridgecrest, CA (Thanks Token!)

Their program is consist of South Asian music (mainly India) and some information including their ad in Panjabi, Hindi and more Indian Continent's languages.

Radio Punjab AM1310 also known as Spice Radio AM1310.

Radio Punjab AM1310- San Francisco's website at http://radiopunjab.com/san-francisco/
Spice Radio AM1310 - San Francisco's website at http://www.spiceradioam.com/san-francisco/

And can be heard Radio Punjab's program at

1210 kHz KQEQ's current blanding is "Radio Manantial" as with 1100 kHz KAFY, instead of "La Favorita"
October 26, 2015 | Saitama Radioholic Inl.

Spice Radio have also 1210 kHz KQEQ, Fresno, CA (Facility ID = 33252).

According to my reception via remote tuner in Kern County, KQEQ is broadcasting the program of "Radio Manantial" as with 1100 kHz KAFY, Bakersfield, CA (Facility ID = 36027). Their format is Spanish Religious.

1210 kHz KQEQ, 25 Oct 2015, 0000z @ Ridgecrest, CA (Thanks Token!)

KQEQ (1210 kHz), 24 Oct 2015, 0600z @ Live streaming

KAFY (1100 kHz), 24 Oct 2015, 0500z @ Live streaming

On September 2015, It has been also announced in their monthly newsletter.
Read More at http://www.manantialbakersfield.com/newsletter/radio-manantial-newsletter-septiembre-2015.pdf

Radio Manantial de Vida Eterna's website at http://www.manantialbakersfield.com/






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2015年10月28日 00:42
Radio Punjabは、10月3連休中にペディを行った、岩手県久慈でも聞こえました。


Saitama Radioholic Intl.
2015年10月28日 01:09
いつもならRadio Disneyが聞こえるトコロで、アレっという感じだったでしょうね。
ライセンスはすでにRadio Mirchiが取得しているようなので、コールを出さないのは近々にコール変更が控えているのかも知れませんね。
Radio Disneyもフラッグシップの1110kHz KDIS以外は撤退のようで、動向が気になるところです。